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DEAD FLESH FEAST- the rotting core

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Welcome to THE ROTTING CORE- the short story section of this page, We plan to open it up to guest submissions but our wrtiers here love the forum so we will post as many as we can fuck it or not. Our first submission is by a friend of ours.

short story submitted by Elisabeth Grey-


I watched the waters run down the drain as I rinsed my red hand under the cool water, at this point in time I felt like I needed to clean up so my parents wouldn't bitch at me. Wiped it clean and wrapped my hand and walked out into the hallway naked and cold fresh from the shower. Once in my room I let the towel drop and let my blood hand free from blood trickled down my leg. I pulled my dirty old blood rag from under my bed along with an empty jar and let the blood fall into it. Under my bed were a hundred jars of blood and not all from my personal supply this was jar 101 and marked it my one year anniversary of collecting. My nipples were hard and my flesh was infested with goosebumps, the cool air wrapped around my warm skin and coiled around me.

My list of horrible things I am going to do to BILLY FORSETH the little prick that tried finger raping me last friday night. The list was long but if I was to go through with my aweful deed I had to prepare myself for sickness. Drinking trash liquid, throwing up on my pussy and lubricating my myself with my vomit, eating pieces of my skin and masterbating with my brothers snake was horrible but I did it


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There have been some great horror documentary style shot films, from S&MAN to BEHIND THE MASK, this is a great style of shock cinema. The faux doc always blurs the line between reality & fiction so for the DOC side of CINEMA -SLAUGHTER director "HAL COLBY" a young filmmaker that has worked with SICK-END FILMS plans to shoot "FETISH & WORSHIP...a doc about those subjects, and the twisted paths they take. Gross out horror aside this is about addiciton and self destruction, obsession and fear. The film follows 3 people through their fetish & or worship...and the effects and hold it has over the host.

We see it from all sides but it goes beyond traditional doc and goes into the flesh of the subject, this is something people will never forget and will leave an impression. We start casting in june and hope to film in summer ready for a fall release into short film fests and other forums. We are self funding, mike the founder of CINEMA-SLAUGHTER offered to help us with budget but we pushed to keep this is undercover until we are ready to release it. We have plans for a few more and for a feature we want to go into the horror genre core and rip it out. EVERYDAY HORROR is our feature which we would love to shoot about the current politics of horror and filmmaking, we are already talking to aspiring film makers and writers...if you know anybody interested contact

HAL COLBY @ (626) 808-0269


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MR. SPOOK to be cinema-slaughter first short film creature feature-

MR. SPOOK is not a traditional "SLASHER" film this is a concept that goes beyond kill scenes and shock moments which are intact but not carrying the film. director "mr. X" who has worked on hollywood and underground films that all know very well talked a little about the vision and idea behind MR. SPOOK. "This is a monster movie that is wearing a slasher mask...so no black gloved  S&M perv slasher in the dark..which is fine but this is a vile thing that wants to terrify it's vicims but over all... not just kill the victim either...prolong it so there is a struggle and then give them a choice and not in a SAW cat & mouse game choice but a subtraction choice.

The main concern is to never let the audience guess what could come next....blood flows, body parts fall and over all pushing the gag reflex but no baby fucking or dick torture, I want to make the skin crawl off of the audience...disturbing the most jaded and well versed horror fan and that is a very hard thing to do without looking cheesy.

The story is simple: A woman is going to die, she is terminally ill so she calls on a friend to aid in her suicide..but along the way she comes across a man who is bleeding and needs help...once in the house he rapes and beats both women....stories intertwin and MR. SPOOK shows his face to all involved as he is lead to the house..the end result will leave the house sickend but wanting more.

As far as gore and blood it's there but shot in a way to simulate a realistic feel, cinematic gore tends to be short & sweet, we want to prolong it so the by the time the knife gets to the bone you will have to turn away.

The new series of CREATURE SHORTS from CINEMA-SLAUGHTER will hopefully film in summer and show one by one other titles to be listed through out-

MURDER HOUSE prod. is the film production of CINEMA-SLAUGHTER


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CINEMA-SLAUGHTER plans for europe short film series of horror in ITALY!

GIALLO has been a love of mine, and I have always loved the splatter and violence of that exquisite subgenre. We are hoping to get enough funds to shoot a hybrid effect series of horror shorts featuring italian artists underground of course..for a killer session of unique and vicious horror. It would be great if we could produce and have that part of the cinema slaughter tree a fully functional gore hardcore horror production company. We have plans for two italian films one being a sick twisted romp entitled "KILL HER FOR MEAT" &   STRANGER IN DARKNESS -

A great couple of slasher films that are set in itlay and have a vivid vile sense of humor, No dairy products just full on raw meat. Either way cinema-slaughter will always be lurking



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On JUNE 25TH we plan to bring a new version of a horror panel to our event, so many panels are just question and answer but we wanted to bring a bit of entertainment to the usual format. We plan to ask questions but we also will be adding DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD a quick fire set of questions that throw any panel off. From ass rape to cannibalism this is what we do here at CINEMA-SLAUGHTER never take our selves way to fucking seriously.

Two sessions Two panels of artists


the actors and writers of horror will go into working on sets,creating horror


The filmmakers share the inside details about horror film directing


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So this is the second year of CINEMA-SLAUGHTER presents and we still feel left out by the horror community here in l.a., it seems that most of them are jaded and only attend major events which in turn keeps smaller indiependent fucntions like us from getting to put on real quality shows. So this is the last year of our event, if there was any way in fucking hell that  a third event will take place... it would only be if we were funded and could really get a chance to show what we want.

We are very thankful for those involved with this years event and we hope for them that a good crowd will turn out. What's next for CINEMA-SLAUGHTER.. this is not the last of it's kind....

There will always be someone putting on small events and we would support the fuck out of them regardless of their hate on us. We plan to move operations to EUROPE and try filming and working out there. 2013 CINEMA -SLAUGHTER will be up and running again.