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MR. SPOOK to be cinema-slaughter first short film creature feature-

MR. SPOOK is not a traditional "SLASHER" film this is a concept that goes beyond kill scenes and shock moments which are intact but not carrying the film. director "mr. X" who has worked on hollywood and underground films that all know very well talked a little about the vision and idea behind MR. SPOOK. "This is a monster movie that is wearing a slasher mask...so no black gloved  S&M perv slasher in the dark..which is fine but this is a vile thing that wants to terrify it's vicims but over all... not just kill the victim either...prolong it so there is a struggle and then give them a choice and not in a SAW cat & mouse game choice but a subtraction choice.

The main concern is to never let the audience guess what could come next....blood flows, body parts fall and over all pushing the gag reflex but no baby fucking or dick torture, I want to make the skin crawl off of the audience...disturbing the most jaded and well versed horror fan and that is a very hard thing to do without looking cheesy.

The story is simple: A woman is going to die, she is terminally ill so she calls on a friend to aid in her suicide..but along the way she comes across a man who is bleeding and needs help...once in the house he rapes and beats both women....stories intertwin and MR. SPOOK shows his face to all involved as he is lead to the house..the end result will leave the house sickend but wanting more.

As far as gore and blood it's there but shot in a way to simulate a realistic feel, cinematic gore tends to be short & sweet, we want to prolong it so the by the time the knife gets to the bone you will have to turn away.

The new series of CREATURE SHORTS from CINEMA-SLAUGHTER will hopefully film in summer and show one by one other titles to be listed through out-

MURDER HOUSE prod. is the film production of CINEMA-SLAUGHTER

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