DEAD FLESH FEAST- the rotting core

Posted by guy michael on April 23, 2011 at 8:55 PM

Welcome to THE ROTTING CORE- the short story section of this page, We plan to open it up to guest submissions but our wrtiers here love the forum so we will post as many as we can fuck it or not. Our first submission is by a friend of ours.

short story submitted by Elisabeth Grey-


I watched the waters run down the drain as I rinsed my red hand under the cool water, at this point in time I felt like I needed to clean up so my parents wouldn't bitch at me. Wiped it clean and wrapped my hand and walked out into the hallway naked and cold fresh from the shower. Once in my room I let the towel drop and let my blood hand free from blood trickled down my leg. I pulled my dirty old blood rag from under my bed along with an empty jar and let the blood fall into it. Under my bed were a hundred jars of blood and not all from my personal supply this was jar 101 and marked it my one year anniversary of collecting. My nipples were hard and my flesh was infested with goosebumps, the cool air wrapped around my warm skin and coiled around me.

My list of horrible things I am going to do to BILLY FORSETH the little prick that tried finger raping me last friday night. The list was long but if I was to go through with my aweful deed I had to prepare myself for sickness. Drinking trash liquid, throwing up on my pussy and lubricating my myself with my vomit, eating pieces of my skin and masterbating with my brothers snake was horrible but I did it

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